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Sailor Moon Land

Sailor Moon Land is a great interactive team community for fans of Sailor Moon.
Join one of three teams (Inners, Outers or Chaos), participate in interesting stuff,
such as playing games, writing ficlets or making graphics and earn points for your team.
Aside from that, you can hold both in-team and across-team discussions and parties and
other fun things. In other words, if you're looking for fun and awesome people who share
your love for Sailor Moon, this community is perfect for you =)
You can apply here →

Please make sure to mention my username when you sign up ;-)
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The Mod Speaks!

First, I would like to welcome all of our new members!

First Contests! (kinda)
Since we only a have a few members, I'm not going to set the usual time limit.

Contest: Icon
Subject: Setsuna's Birthday!
Due by: October 19
Details: It's almost Setsuna's birthday. We're looking for Setsuna/Sailor Pluto icons. The only rules is that the icon has to reference her birthday in some way.

Contest: Layout
Subject: Sailor Pluto
Due by: October 19
Details: Unlike the icon challange, the layout can be a normal Sailor Pluto layout.

I don't speak LJ layout, so you'll have to post a dummies guide if you win. ^_^;;

News (finally)

Well, it turns out that paid communities don't get scrapbooks (which sucks!). So I basically created one on my LJ.

Other galleries will be added as needed including contest winners, wallpapers, etc.

I am working on some new icons, & maybe I'll actually have something this year for Setsuna's birthday. I have been really busy at work (Macy's will eat your soul if you work for them).
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Meiou Setsuna aka Sailor Pluto's birthday is coming up on the 29th. I would have had a icon contest set up, but Macy*s has had me doing the headless chicken thing. Damm holidays are coming up & that means more chaos. I'm going to try to update at least once every two weeks, but my birthday is coming up along with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years. Anyway, everyone can still make icons for her birthday & stuff. :)
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Paid Account

S.P.U.N. Icons is now a paid account. ^__^ That's all I wanted to post.
Also, since no one wanted to make a layout, I'm just going to pick one from the list that one can have with a paid account.
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New Members, Contest, Etc

Hi, this is your mod. I would just like to welcome aucune_gloire, margyydoodle, & slipperyliz to the community. :)
I am saving up some money to make this a paid community so I can make the archive.
I'm in the last week of the Demin Squad for Macy*s, so I won't be so busy soon. I am trying to get a full time position there though.

Layout Contest: Fall Ending: 22 September 2006
It's contest time. I won't be starting the icon contests just yet, but I would like to post the layout contest. Even though this is not a paid account, I will be accepting layouts for that account type (see above). I'm looking for something that includes all the Outer Senshi. I would prefer a Fall theme.

I know, it's nothing big, but I'll be doing more as we get more members.