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Outer Senshi Icons

We Are More Than Just Icons...

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A community devoted to the Outer Senshi.
Welcome to S.P.U.N. Icons. This community is devoted to the Outer Senshi. They are the Moon Kingdom's first defense against evil, & often not given the credit they deserve.
You can post anything related to the Outer Senshi here. Also, if you have any questions related to icon/wallpaper/etc making.

So what makes us different from the hundreds of other Sailor Moon icon communities out there?
1. Bi-weekly contests with different themes.*
2. Quarterly layout contests. (Every 3 months)*
3. Our ever growing icons archive. Everyone's icons are saved, not just contest winners.
4. We welcome artists of all levels.

*Once we get more active members, so remember to post!

1. This community is for Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, & Sailor Pluto only. Please don't post anything having to do any of the Inner Senshi.
2. Give credit where credit is due! I don't care if the person "only added text" They still put TIME into the icon. Give credit- respect the icon maker!
3. Please use lj cut when posting more than 5 icons.
4. Don't promote anything that doesn't have to do with Sailor Moon, & keep them under a lj cut.
5. Please don't tell someone their icons 'suck' or they 'just added text'. Instead, tell them what they can do to improve. Everyone has to start somewhere. :)

Contest: Icon
Subject: Setsuna's Birthday!
Due by: October 19
Details: It's almost Setsuna's birthday. We're looking for Setsuna/Sailor Pluto icons. The only rules is that the icon has to reference her birthday in some way.

Contest: Layout
Subject: Sailor Pluto
Due by: October 19
Details: Unlike the icon challange, the layout can be a normal Sailor Pluto layout.

This community is brought to you by kj_icons :)

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